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Track & Points


Manufacturers Stocked - Hornby, Peco, Gaugemaster


·         Hornby track points and accessories.


·         Peco track points and accessories. Set-track and Flexi-track in OO/N/009/HOe/O-16.5 /On30.

DCC- Digital Control


Manufacturers Stocked - Hornby, Bachmann, Gaugemaster


·         Hornby Elite controllers , chips and accessories


·         Bachmann Dynamis controllers , chips and accessories inc Ee-Zee.


·         Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 controllers , chips and accessories

n.b. All Digital controllers need pre-ordering.


Controls & Control Systems


Manufacturers Stocked - Hornby, Gaugemaster, Bachmann


·         Hornby DC controllers and accessories


·         Bachmann DC controllers and accessories


·         Gaugemaster DC controllers and accessories: - switches, Seep point motors


Scenic Materials


Manufacturers Stocked - Hornby, Gaugemaster, Javis, Noch, Faller, Jordan, Peco, K&N, Busch


·         Gaugemaster /Trees, static grass and scenic materials


·         Gaugemaster  Seafoam and tree making materials


·         Javis ground scatter and lichens


·         Peco and Hornby scatters and ground covers


·         And much much more !!


Scenic Accessories


Manufacturers Stocked - Hornby, Peco, Bachmann, Modelscene, Faller, Preiser, Langley, Duha,  Harburn Hobbies, Springside, Ratio, Wills


·         Figures from the likes of Bachmann, Hornby, Preiser, Farish and Langley


·         Bachmann Scenix and Hornby Scaledale and Liddlend buildings


·         Scenic parts for town and city scapes, backgrounds to add that extra something


·         Many small and interesting items to make your layout more alive


·         Constantly increasing stock lines


 Die Cast Vehicles


Manufacturers Stocked - Oxford Diecast, Trackside, Classix


·         Oxford Die cast OO Gauge and N Gauge Vehicles

Classix vans & cars



Kits & Kit Parts


Manufacturers Stocked - Wills, Ratio, Peco, Kestrel, Hornby, Langley, Dapol, Superquick, Metcalfe, Coopercraft, Springside, Modelscene


·         Building kits for 00 gauge from Peco, Wills, Hornby, Dapol, Metcalfe, Ratio and Superquick


·         Building kits for N gauge from Peco, Metcalfe, Ratio and Kestrel


·    L Large collection of white metal kits from Langley and Springside


Electrical Items


Manufacturers Stocked - Gaugemaster, Loconotion, Veissmann,


·         Gaugemaster lighting and electrical accessories for all scales


·         Loconotion own brand electrical parts – Leds, switchs, capacitors etc


·         Veismann Street lighting and working colour light signals.


Glues & Fillers


Manufacturers Stocked - Javis Superglues, Revell, Plasticweld, UHU, Milliput, Evostick, Epoxy Resins, Liquid Poly


·         Javis Superglues Red, Blue, Yellow and White thicknesses


·         Revell glues and fillers


·         Milliput modelling clays


·         Liquid Polys


·         Humbrol plastic cements and balsa glues


·         Various high street brand


Paints & Brushes


Manufacturers Stocked - Humbrol Enamels, Revell Enamels, Humbrol Acrylics, Humbrol Sprays, Enamel Thinners


·         Humbrol Enamels and thinners


·         Humbrol and Javis Man made and sable haired brushes


·         Humbrol  Acrylic Railway Colours entire range


·         Humbrol Primer & Varnish Sprays




Manufacturers Stocked - Gaugemaster, Expo, Exacto, Rotacraft, Modelcraft, Draper


·         Drills and drill bits from Gaugemaster, Expo and Rotacraft


·         Excellent hand tools from Modelcraft and Drapers


·         Full selection of Exacto Scapels, Razor saws and blades.

Proses magnetic clamps & loco repair cradle.


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