Loconotion Models
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Locomotives and Rolling Stock


T Gauge                                                                                                    Track Gauge 3mm         1:450

This is a new scale and is now the worlds smallest official scale.

Produced by KK - Eishindo of Japan this is a new product, only being initailly released late 2007.

We Stock in this Gauge  - KK Eishindo.

N Gauge                                                                                                    Track Gauge 9mm         1:148

N Gauge has for many years been a second to OO but recently it has discovered a new lease of life.

New models boast Flywheels, Dcc and directional lights. The detail of these models is now extremely fine.

Recently Bachmann Farish have started to flush glaze their coaches. There are a large number of kits and scenic accessories for N and it, as a scale is now widely supported.

We Stock in this Gauge  - Bachmann Farish, Langley & some Dapol.

American N Gauge                                                                                    Track Gauge 9mm         1:160

The American N Gauge market has made a huge leap forward by recently adding dcc sound to

some of its models. Bachmann N models are cheap and reliable and many chassis are used

by narrow gauge modellers for 009/HOe kits and scratchbuilds. The american market is still

building here in the uk with more scenic accessories being available every year.

We Stock in this Gauge  - Bachmann.


Narrow Gauges

HOe                                                                                                           Track Gauge 9mm          1:87

HOe is the European equivelant to 009. It is 3.5mm to the foot the same as HO yet it runs on

9mm ( N Gauge ) track. As it is HO scale all HO Scenic accessories would be fine to you as are OO

gauge parts. There are a few companies that produce HOe across Europe, America, Australia and Japan

and it looks perfectly alright running with 009. We only stock Lilliput in this scale yet we can order some other

items in.

We Stock in this Gauge  - Lilliput & Roco

009                                                                                                            Track Gauge 9mm          1:76

This is the UKs main narrow gauge scale and is heavily supported for Locomotive and

rolling stock kits. In recent years 009 has become far more widespread across the UK.

It is the same as OO gauge in scale ( 4mm to the foot ) yet it runs on N Gauge ( 9mm ) track.

Recently there have been problems getting chassis for 009 kits but due to a couple of small UK

companies problems have been solved. This scale covers most UK narrow gauge such as the

Tallylyn and Festiniog railways and there are off shoots which model smaller industrial lines.

We Stock in this Gauge  -Peco, Parkside Dundas, Ninelines, Langley.

On30                                                                                                          Track Gauge 16.5mm     1:43

On30 is O Gauge American outline. As it is a narrow gauge scale it runs on HO/OO ( 16.5mm ) track.

The models are highly detailed and most now come dcc ready and an option on ready fitted with sound.

By far the best model we have seen so far is the Bachmann Spectrum Shay Locomotive. On30 is O Gauge

( 7mm to the foot ) so any O gauge parts and accessories can be used. If you have the room a wonderful

and different scale to work in.

We Stock in this Gauge  - Bachmann


0-16.5                                                                                                        Track Gauge 16.5mm     1:43

This is basically the same as On30, its just the British version!. O Gauge ( 7mm to the foot ) running on HO/OO ( 16.5mm ) Gauge track. There are many kits available for this scale but hardly any ready to run. Peco do a range of track and wagons and a couple of locomotives, and there are many other suppliers products available too. Due to it being O Scale all O Gauge parts and accessories are

perfect for this scale.

We Stock in this Gauge  - Peco.


HOf (feldbahn): 
HO scale on 9mm track ie. represents 60mm gauge, can be used to represent minimum gauge (Estate Railways etc.) in the UK.

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