David Young
Weston-Super-Mare, N. Somerset

I still have some itemsParedown1
available that I have kept back for my own use, please go to Online shop page for details or email.

Since joining the Weston Super Mare Group of the N Gauge Society I attend occasional meetings. They have a huge modular layout which is different every time I see it. God knows how big it will be when lockdown ends. We are shielding as Lesleys health puts her in the highly vunerable category.

I have largely rebuilt a tiny N layout that I aquired some years ago - probably about 50 years old and intended to use just for testing locos in the shop. But as I have no space for a proper layout in our flat I decided to see what I could do with it.

If I can remember how I will download some photos as it has been exhibited at local exhibitions as it has curiosity value and can attract a small crowd who seem to have a lot of questions!

just experimenting, made up airfix kits

This is 'Paredown' with the folding case open, a 45 year old N gauge minimum space layout that I revamped. The track was simply cleaned up and left in place. The stables in the background were stripped off, modified and re-sited. It has been to a number of exhibitions where it does attract attention. In retrospect I wish I had fitted a second siding as it is boring to run it for up to 7 hours without a break.

Working on an old plastic kit with great fat splats of glue. Continental style loco shed. First removing the glazed roof vents which looked wrong for British outline.

Second hand from an exhibition. Next I cut ventilation slats from black plastic card.  Next I painted the roof to get rid of the horrible brown plastic look.





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